4 tips to maintain your woman

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A couple in a good mood.

Human beings are easily distracted and they easily shift attention from one thing to another. Don’t let her shift her attention from you to another “better” man. You are the best choice for her and make her realize this through the following tactics.

Make her your priority

I know the world is full of so many activities, job, friends, meetings and so much and now you wonder how you will do all these and make your woman the priority among all these. The great secret is “don’t” make her the priority. Make her feel like she is the priority. Don’t get me wrong, make her see your plans and put her at the center of all these, she will know that you are her priority and she will remain focused on you.

Surprise her

Don’t be a boring boyfriend/husband who is always doing the same things over and over. When you become predictable you become boring, be someone who comes up with new things every time you see her. New stories, new outings, new indoor activities, new everything. This will help you maintain her attention.

Be proud of her

You don’t have to be Otile Brown who can compose love songs for his girlfriend neither do you have a huge fan base on Instagram. But you know what, you have a WhatsApp status, show off your woman, get out in public with her and stamp your authority out there and she will feel that you are proud of her, this will ensure that her attention remains on you.

Be an understanding man

An understanding man is a gentleman. I am sure you have heard these women describing their “ideal” man, they normally say “he should be a gentleman, who understands that I am a woman”. If you understand her then it is a great way to capture her attention for a very long time.