3 habits you won’t believe are making you dumber

Some lifestyle habits are making even the brightest among us dumber without them realising it.

If you don’t want to look stupid or dumb, try limiting these three behaviours to save your brain and keep your intelligence level high.

1. Frequently using your smartphone or laptop

Smartphones have become so addictive nowadays that the majority of people can’t survive a day or two without them.

However, according to research, over-reliance on using a smartphone makes us lazy thinkers.

Smartphones make us too lazy to use our minds to solve problems because they have search engines such as Google which have all the answers to all our problems. This hinders our cognitive abilities.


Multitasking makes you stupid.

Doing multiple things at once is not only distracting but also lowers your IQ.

According to research, multitasking makes the brain have a short attention span and shrinks working memory capacity, especially in young people.

Therefore doing one thing at a time is not only good for your mental health but also lets you do a better job.

3. Eating a lot of sugary food

Besides obesity, diabetes and heart disease, your favourite sugary food might be making you dumber, and you may not even realise it.

Research shows that high amounts of sugar can lead to memory loss. 

It makes you perform poorly mentally compared to when you eat a healthy diet.

Since we do need sugar to survive, choosing low-sugar fruits and vegetables instead of highly processed foods is your best bet.