10 Hygiene Tips All Women Need To Know

Everyone has to deal with their hygiene so deal with it the educated way.

Sometimes hygiene can be a weird topic to talk about. I hope this article helps educate you and also helps you change the things that need to be changed. Remember your hygiene needs to be put first before anything, so take time and understand your basic needs.

1. Apple cider vinegar is useful


If your Ph balance is off then apple cider vinegar will useful to you. Just add a cup of ACV to your warm bath water and sit for 15 mins. Try doing this once a week until you see results.

2. Shaving can sometimes be extreme. 


When it comes to shaving areas such as your lady parts it is very important that you are not shaving every day, at least wait a week to shave again. The hair on your lady parts are important, it’s there to help protect your lady parts.

Also, make sure you shave at a horizontal angle and not a vertical angle.

3. Just get a candle and go!


PLEASE DO NOT wash your lady parts with Bath and Body Works body soap. You are hurting your Ph balance. You can wash the rest of your body with the soap but when it comes to your private parts don’t use it.

4. It is normal, don’t worry.


Ladies, do not let social media fool you ok? Discharge is NORMAL! That means that your Ph is balanced.

Always pay attention to the color of your discharge. The best thing you can do when you notice discharge in your underwear is to wash up down there, change your underwear, and keep on about your day.

5. Point, blank, period. 


We all go through periods. Please make sure you are changing your pads or tampons throughout the day. If you’re not then bacteria can start to build up and cause problems.

6. It has one job!


This goes along with the whole soap thing but just remember do not use harsh soaps on your lady parts. Your private area knows how to clean itself, that it’s job.

I’m not saying to not use soap but just not soaps that you know are harsh.

7. Google is not a doctor. 


If you notice a smell is coming from you, or notice certain changes in your body, it is best to just call your doctor.

Don’t spend time looking up symptoms, because then you’ll probably end up thinking worse. Just call your doctor, that’s always best.

8. Let us not forget.


Don’t forget hygiene also means keeping up with your appearance. Trust me I want to walk around in sweatpants and Uggs all day but sometimes that’s not always ok.

Once in a while get dressed up, do your hair, even if you are just going to the store, it’ll make you feel good about yourself.

9. Watch what you eat.


The foods you eat and drinks you drink do have an effect on your hygiene. If you are eating unhealthy, chance are that has an effect on different smells you may be smelling or changes in the body.

10. Simple.


Lastly, just take care of yourself. Take showers, take care of your body, care about how you smell or look.

Don’t be that person who doesn’t keep up with themselves. Keeping up with your hygiene should be very important to you.

Ladies, when it comes to taking care of ourselves we always have to be one step ahead. Just make sure you are taking care of yourself and understand your body.