3 things that can make you go blind

Imagine life without your sight. There are certain things we do on a daily basis that could harm our eyesight.

These things should be avoided by all means if we want to live happily without losing our eyesight. Here are four of the unexpected things that could make you go blind all of a sudden:

1. Smoking

Smoking is not good for your body. It comes with endless side effects on the body.

One of the side effects is blindness. Both women and men risk running blind if they engage in this habit for years. Tobacco tends to release chemicals that are harmful to your health hence they must be avoided by all means.

2. The sun

Have you been staring at the sun directly? It is not recommended to stare at the sun in a direct manner. The rays of the sun can lead to blindness. The straight rays released from the sun are likely to make your eye lenses weaker hence affecting your vision at the end of the day.

3. Early menopause

There are women who experience menopause before the expected age of 45 years. Menopause is often accompanied by loss of sight.

The vision problems are common at an old age. Women who have reached menopause are more likely to suffer from glaucoma, which leaves them with poor sight in the long run.