3 things that are making you look older

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While all men and women hope to age gracefully they are things we usually do each and every day that are making us look older or speeding up the process without us even realizing it. In fact, according to Australia nutritional biochemist Dr Libby Weaver, there are 3 things that are drastically accelerating the process thus making you look older. But the good news is there are also things that we can avoid or minimize in order to prevent premature ageing. Below are the 3 things that are making you older they will instantly age you if you don’t take proper care of them according to herway.net. 

1) Discoloured teeth

Discoloured teeth instantly ages you. Brushing twice a day for two or three minutes will prevent further discolouration and you can also use a specifically formulated whitening toothpaste. Professional teeth whitening offers instant results but can damage your tooth enamel so have a conversation with your dentist first.

2). Skipping haircuts 

Don’t skip haircuts even if you are growing your hair. Dry ends and generally damaged hair looks thinner and make you look older and unkempt.

3). Not taking care of your eyebrows

Your eyebrows are very important it is one of the first things people notice about you. Avoid the urge to overpluck and get a professional to shape them every couple of months.