One mistake you should avoid when shaving your underarms

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Shaving your underarms is one of the most essential things in adults. It will save you from embarrassment when someone sees your hairy and smelly armpits. However, as you shave you make several mistakes.

Most people shave upward or downward repeatedly until you are clean. According to a dermatologist, Dr. Alicia Barbra, this leads to razor burns and annoying ingrown hairs. Therefore, you should avoid this type of shaving.

The best way to shave your underarms is using the X pattern. You are advised to pull the underarm skin until it is taut then perform this special way of shaving. This kind of shaving will give you a close shave with reduced irritation.

The special shaving method is recommended because hair under your arms grows in a different way compared to that on your legs and arms. While the hair on your legs grows in one direction, that in your armpits grows in a swirl pattern. The fact that the growth is in different directions makes the X shaving the best.

The next time you shave your armpits, make sure to do it the right way to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs. Stick to this even if you contract a professional to do it.