Ladies: 4 habits you must never condone from a man

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No man is perfect. However, you don’t have to lower your standards just because of this. 

There are certain behaviour or habits that you must never condone from a man. 

These include;

1. Uncontrollable anger

Although anger can be so hard to control, a real man has to know how to stop that rage that anger creates in him. 

The ability to control anger is what differentiates a man from a boy. 

If he can’t correct you or express his side of the story without shouting or screaming, then he isn’t right for you. 

2. Ignoring his promises to you

Promises are critical in every relationship. 

As a lady, you have to understand the difference between failing to keep the promise on time and completely ignoring the promises. 

When he ignores his promises to you and explains nothing, then he probably doesn’t take you seriously. 

3. Lying

Sometimes we have to lie, but not to people who are so close to us. 

If a man lies to you almost all the time, then he is not the man to be with. 

Honesty is a very important factor in a relationship. 

4. Not putting you first

A man who truly loves a woman will always put her first ahead of everything. 

If he cares too much about his friends, work and family and leaves you behind, then he is probably not going to make you happy any sooner.