Before we get to go. Listen and download “Handbag”.

New Jam!!! Classy- Handbag (Mp3 Download)

After the fire track “Me and U” released couple of months ago, Sound boi teams up with Vhice, Lawrenzzo and Irregular and they were able to release a very nice track.

Produced,mix and mastered by Beerex,”Handbag” is a sweet-tinged pop song that finds all the 4 artists calling out ladies who got what they wanted and still didn’t show any grateful gesture, they were asked to take their handbags and leave .? sounds funny right?

Irregular came really hard on the beat giving us a very smooth chorus, who would have wanted something less for the intro to such a nice jam. Sound boi Classy blessed the Beerex produced beat with the first verse, and it got me thinking like wow! This dude is outta this lane, he was calm on the beat, he gave us catchy lyrics which I think gave others the morale to go hard on their verses. Vhice, the voice machine was on the second verse with that sweet voice, I can boldly say that his verse has been one of the best I have heard so far this year. Although,this was the first track I ever heard him on, he came on like a Pro. Lawrenzzo! Lawrenzzo !! You can call his verse the simplest of them all,but that verse got a lot of people,asking ‘Who is Lawrenzzo?’His voice was unique on the jam and added a better taste to what was produced.

Numerous synergistic songs has been released this 2018 already, but permit me to say HANDBAG is the best of many so far.
I stand to be corrected though.
In your own sole opinion is HANDBAG the best?
Drop your comments below ?